10 Best Places to Visit in Peru

Located in the Western portion of the South American continent, Peru has become among the most popular Latin American countries because of its diverse culture. Its most visited tourist places involve Incan ruins but the country is also being flocked for its food, architecture and natural attractions.

Listed below are the top 10 best places that you should add to your itinerary when visiting Peru according to Peru holiday experts Go Andes

Machu Picchu

This UNESCO World Heritage Site, referred often as “The Lost City of the Incas”, has among the best location among the ruins of the world. Experts are still at a loss as to what the site was used for but tourists nowadays go to Machu Picchu to hike, bike or even ride a zip line.

machu picchu

Inca Trail

The Inca Trail has long been considered as among the top 5 best treks in the world. Hikers who want to go through this 26km trail are treated to mountain sceneries, jungles and forests, paved stones and Inca ruins, with Machu Picchu as the end point. Don’t forget your travel insurance!

Colca Canyon

According to statistics, the Colca Canyon is the third most-visited destination in the country. It is the best place to observer numerous bird species which include the Andean condors, giant hummingbirds and Chilean flamingos, among many others. At the bottom of the canyon is also an oasis where many tourist inns can be found.


The best way to get to know the Incan culture is through their architecture. This archaeological site provides the best glimpse into community life and consists of a town, temple hill, terraces, storehouses, and defenses, among numerous others.


The construction process of this mysterious Incan stone fort, much like other Incan architecture, continues to puzzle experts. In modern day use, the Sacsayhuaman is the site for celebrating the winter solstice and New Year of the Incas.

Nazca Lines

These famous lines in the Nazca Desert in Peru became even more popular in the Sci-Fi movies. As if created by giants and terrestrial beings, the Nazcan lines remain a mystery in terms of its creation process and its purpose. These huge designs that take the shape of animals, trees and flowers are best viewed in the air.

Plaza de Armas

The Plaza Mayor in Lima is located in the city center and the gateway to other government buildings. Surrounding the plaza are buildings such as the Municipal Palace, the Cathedral of Lima and the Archbishop’s Palace.

Huascaran National Park

This national park is home to the Huascaran, which is the highest peak in Peru. It is possible to reach the 6000-meter peak without much mountaineering experience. Horse riding, skiing and guided hikes are also popular in the area.

Lake Titicaca

Located at 3821 meters, this lake is the biggest lake in South America and is also considered the highest navigable lake in the entire world. Due to the high elevation, travelers stopping by Lake Titicaca often experience headaches, which is why it is important to stay hydrated when going there.

Amazon Rainforest

The Amazon rainforest in Peru (it can also be found in Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil and Bolivia) is the second largest portion but the least populated. The jungles found in the forest is home to numerous rivers as well as diverse flora and fauna.