10 Things to Do on Holiday in Cyprus

So, what are you doing on the holidays? Where are you going? These are the most common questions asked by each other when breaks are near. For many European travellers, Cyprus is always one on the bucketlist.

Cyprus experts Cyplon gave us the lowdown on what to see and do…


Ski at Mount Olympus

During Christmas season, the High Trodoos mountains will be filled with snow, perfect for a thrilling ski adventure. Slopes for beginners are available as well as for the experts. Don’t worry, complete equipment can be rented out. And, don’t forget to have a glimpse of the Caledonia Falls.


Take a dip along Aphrodite’s Rock

Old folks have a belief that when you take a swim here, you will rise from the water appearing 10 years younger than your actual age. The area is a great spot for snorkeling. Say hello to our friends down the sea!

aphrodite rock


Taste Cypriot wines

Involve the modern winery in Limassol and discover its various tastes during the tasting session of the tour. You’d surely love the authenticity of the wines.

Eat some meze and moussaka

Since you’re traveling, never miss to try local foods. What is new to most of you is the meze. Try it and taste it yourself and share how tasty it is! It has a variety of meat, fish and vegetables unique to your taste buds.

Indulge in turtle watching at Lara

By June and July, most turtles head to Lara beach and lay eggs on the remote area. The beach is favorable to the sea creatures especially in times of laying eggs as they guard it defensively.

Experience nightclubbing in Ayia Napa

Young adults often come here and groove all night with friends. This is one way of getting to know other travellers and locals alike. The beach remains unspoiled and truly fantastic. Dance to the beat and get all pumped up with energy and get ready to party like a rock star.

Strike a pose at the Roman stadium

Ruins at Kourion still stands firmly as it allows you to imagine how wonderful the place used to be. The Temple of Apollo and the many dwelling places of gladiators are located here. Now, snap that camera and be ready for a postcard photo that you can send to your friends or family.

kourion cyprus

Dive in and find the Zenobia

In the 80s, a cargo ship called Zenobia sank in the coast of Larnaca. Although no casualties were reported, many frozen animals were on board and its bones can be seen at the second deck. Today it is known as one of the world’s top ten wreck diving sites. Get those diving gears ready!

Stay at Elysium Hotel

Traveling also means availing the best accommodation there is. The Elysium Hotel is a five star hotel having awarded several times because of its excellent and quality customer service.

Spend a day at Paphos

The entire town of Paphos is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its tourist attractions include the Tomb of the Kings, Adonis Falls, Paphos Fort, Ayios Neophytos Monastery, ruins of Villa of Dionysos, and Kato Paphos Archaeological Park. Totally amazing!