5 Off The Beaten Track Places for a Family Holiday

Spending time with your family is something you can never replace for anything in the world. Once in a while, take vacations and leave all the stress behind. Create new memories with your loved ones and cherish it forever. During the holidays, it is primarily essential for all members of the family to get in touch once again. Below are the 5 of the best places you can spend your family holiday, courtesy of Sian at Baby Friendly Boltholes.



Mention Australia to anyone, for sure, the Sydney Opera House is the first thing that would come up his mind. Stroll around the glittering structure and snap a photo outside a UNESCO World Heritage Site while having your cruise ride passing through the Sydney Harbour Bridge. You may visit the Royal Botanic Gardens which is famous for its Palace Rose Garden. Of course, the Great Barrier Reef is not to be missed! Get wet by scuba diving or snorkeling or simply ride a jet ski, sail boat or glass-bottom boat. The newest activity today is riding on a hot air balloon or skydiving. Try and you’d definitely love it! Australia will always be a great spot for a family break.



What better way to spend vacation with the family is to travel in a place no member has gone yet. This could be quite challenging but, you’ll definitely get by. Tashkent, its capital, is most visited because of its historical monuments, arts and craft shops, mosques, and green parks. The wonderful architectural designs of most buildings are well-preserved and managed. Explore the Desert Castles of Ancient Khorezm and you can even have your camel ride. Of course, you’re excited!




Norway has a lot to offer to kids for fun activities such as skiing, horseback riding and ice skating and makes  a great alternative family holiday in Europe. These would greatly enhance your kids’ skills in an enjoyable way while spending time with the whole family. Include in your trip visiting a farm and teach your kids how to feed the animals. Be kind to them and be a good example to your children. And don’t skip the museum for you to learn Norway’s culture. Finally, you can end the trip in an amusement park and paint smiles to your children’s faces.

New Zealand

This nature-wealthy country offers a variety of activities for the kids and adults alike. There are plenty of animal parks and zoos that are very educational for the children. You can meet the famous kiwi, New Zealand’s native world. Get up close and personal with the penguins and dolphins in the Sea Life Aquarium. Don’t forget to go on a Hobbiton tour. Get your cameras ready and experience how hobbits live in the Shire. The country’s natural scenery could really impress everyone especially for first time travellers.



When visiting Marrakech, stay in a riad, a traditional home converted into a hotel. Choose a room that’s overlooking the city and have breakfast in the terrace. If you’re visiting during winter, surfing in Taghazoute is a must. Stroll around Djemma el Fna and diverse with the crowds while seeing how the place transforms to an entertainment square. Get around the Western Sahara Desert and explore the area by a camel. In warmer seasons, you can even bury yourself neck-deep in the sand. Isn’t it cool?