5 Things to Consider When Picking Travel Insurance

A lot of travelers often neglect the importance of getting travel insurance. When one is healthy and well, it is often hard to think of the possibility of health issues coming up. However, aside from some coverage for when one gets sick or injured, a good travel insurance policy could actually help protect some – if not all – of the valuable items that are being brought along for the trip. What’s more, it could even help you some cash in case something nasty happens to you on your holiday abroad – people claim for the craziest things.

So how do you shop around for the right policy? Ask yourself these five things and you could never go wrong in your pick for travel insurance. Thanks for Richard from Navigator Travel Insurance for the recommendations…

In which places will you be covered?

This is especially important if you decide to travel in multiple cities or multiple countries. It is preferable to have coverage in as many countries as possible, so you could also be flexible in your trip and can visit Europe and the Caribbean on the same policy. However, if the insurance company could not provide you that, at least make sure that you can stay insured in the places that you plan on going to.


How long are you covered for?

How long might your trip take you? Make sure to have your insurance policy in effect until after a day of your planned arrival home. Should you decide to go on an open-ended trip, make sure to discuss with the insurance company and ask them about their renewal process especially since you will probably still be abroad by that time.

What about cancellations and emergencies?

A lot of travelers often forget how important an insurance policy can be especially when they are still young, fit and active. However, there is always the possibility of something wrong to happen which is why it is important to be prepared for it. What happens if you decide to cancel your bookings on flights, accommodations or transportation? What happens if you get stuck somewhere and the only access is a helicopter? Surely, you would not want to be unprepared for that in the midst of your travel, right?

Does it have personal accident insurance?

This question is particularly important for tare adrenaline junkies who love doing extreme sports and mind-blowing adventures in their travels. You can never be too prepared especially if you continuously take risks through extreme sports. Just in case you suffer from a broken leg during a ski trip or any other untoward incident on your vacation, at least you know you do not have to face financial woes in the midst of enjoying yourself.

Is there coverage for other items?

Travel insurance is not necessarily limited to medical and accident coverage. In fact, if you try to ask around, these types of policies actually have some coverage for electronic and even non-electronic materials you brought along. Cameras? Laptops? Cell phones? Tablets? Be sure you know exactly what is being covered and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your items are protected no matter what.

In the end, just make sure that you fully understand the inclusions and exclusions of the policy to avoid any confusion in the future.

What else do you think do you need to ask when shopping around for insurance?