7 Stops to Take on a Tour of the UK

Planning a UK tour? Be warned! There are endless amounts of beautiful, interesting and historic places to visit and you may run out of time. All of them deserve a visit, but if you only have a limited amount of time and you need to prioritise then keep on reading and we will briefly discus some of the best places that you should add to your list.



Known as the culinary capital of the country, going on a food trip is definitely one of the best activities that you can enjoy when in Yorkshire. There are many Michelin-star restaurants and authentic eateries. There are also plenty of cities and towns in Yorkshire both inland and on the coast that should not be missed, including York, Sheffield, Whitby and Leeds.


Of course, no visit in UK would be complete without seeing London. The city is teeming with attractions that can be enjoyed, including royal palaces and green spaces. It is also heaven for shopaholics and for foodies. Make sure to hop on a bus and explore the city. At night, sample the vibrant party scene or just sip a beer at a traditional British pub.

Lake District

This is one of the best landscapes in the entire country. The lush greenery in the area will surely captivate your attention. With valleys, lakes, and woodlands, this is the perfect destination for nature appreciation. It is the best place to enjoy the great outdoors. Have a look at these itinerary options for inspiration of what to do when you visit to the Lakes.


This is one of the most iconic landmarks in UK that you should definitely see. It is a prehistoric monument, which can be easily accessed from London and Bath. Be sure to get your cameras ready and be pictured with this wonderful work of nature. Fancy a beer? Take time to visit the Stonehenge Brewery.


This offers the perfect respite from the hustle and bustle of the city life. The Cotswolds is filled with charming towns and small quaint villages. For a more authentic vacation, make sure to book one of the cottages in Cotswolds rather than staying in a traditional hotel.


Set in a rolling countryside, the beautiful landscape in itself is already enough reason to include this in your UK itinerary. It is most popular for its natural hot springs, many of which are asserted to be historic as well. Aside from the baths in Bath, there are plenty of other attractions, such as Royal Crescent, Jane Austen Centre, and the Fashion Museum. Of course, do not leave without sampling their food. Tasting their gin is also a must.


If you are looking for a coastal town that you can enjoy while in the UK, Devon is one of the places that you might want to consider visiting. It is perfect for people who surf. There are also magnificent beaches where you can go swimming and sunbathing. There are lots of viewpoints wherein you can just take in the scenery and enjoy what unfolds right in front of you.