5 Amazing Activity Holidays for Active Couples

diver in bali

It is really enriching to set goals in a relationship in order to grow stronger and gain more capabilities. For couples who love to venture outdoors and seek adventures, there are activities that test your support for each other while overcoming physical limits.

Here are 5 amazing activity holidays for active couples.

Mount Kilimanjaro of Tanzania

The mountain is said to be one of the dangerous mountains to climb, mainly due to altitude sickness. The height of the mountain is around 19,000 feet and symptoms of the sickness can appear as low as 8,000 feet.

Dangerous it may be and fueled by fewer emergency resources of the responders there, this can be overcome through good equipment and proper preparation using exercise.

The journey will let you experience different ecosystems that will appear you are walking another world in each of your travel goals. Once you reached the top, it will seem like you are reaching the roof of Africa.

Take it slow, enjoy the cultural encounters and try to attain that spiritual achievement which can help in dealing with the troubles on your relationship.

The French Alps

There are multiple times in history that the mountain ranges are an obstacle to any invading army. The paths are really challenging and cold. Nowadays, many thrill-seekers set to conquer the French Alps in many ways. Skiing is the most common activity done there.

There are also equally challenging winter holiday activities throughout Europe available like ice climbing, the creativity-inducing igloo-building, the one of the fastest and longest zip-wire, the relaxing snowshoeing in the wilderness and the amazing husky dog sledding.

Too many activities to spice up that relationship even it went cold just days before.

Diving Spots in Bali

Indonesia has many scenic spots because it is an archipelago. With that, it is expected to be rich in sea life. There are spots where beginners can enjoy light exploration and also spots for advanced divers where they can immerse with the beauty and diversity of the sea creatures and coral species.

As a couple, you might learn to appreciate the life beyond the shorelines and to advocate the environmental activities to preserve it. Additionally, it is worth noting to avoid diving on stormy seasons. In a relationship, we all know that nothing good comes from diving deep into a violent whirl of conflicts.

Golfing in Cyprus

For a chill sport such as golf, it’s hard to break a really good amount of sweat. Therefore, it is important to compensate for that with views. The scenic golf holiday in Cyprus are in no shortage of that. A small island in the Mediterranean, it has at least 5 great golf courses that featured the beautiful scenery of the country.

They have beginner programs up to the competitive levels. It will be great where you couple has a chance to engage in deeper conversations while cooling that head with the outstanding landscapes and swing that golf club with all that residual stress caused by each other.

Truly, it can be a place to bury those worries on the holes.

Bungee Jumping in New Zealand

It is said that in New Zealand, the bungee jumping activity started. They had so many cliffs and bridges that are appropriate for the activity. Such a sudden rush of adrenaline can pump out within a matter of seconds.

A famous bungee jumping inventor operates some of the most visited activity locations, therefore, it adds assurance of the activity’s safety. A perfect way to overcome those fear of losing while simulating a terrifying fall from heights, no doubt, for an adventure-seeking couple, it can be the most hyped activity.

Any activity can be made special if done together with a common goal. Enjoy the company of each other and exercise that support system through these wild, outdoor activities available around the world.