Top 4 Alternative Vacation Honeymoon Destinations


Honeymoon is more than just a customary practice that newlywed couples felt like they are obliged to do. Essentially, going to honeymoon is a personal choice made by the newlyweds who have genuine reasons for doing so. Honeymoon is such an excellent venue for the newly blessed “husband and wife” to spend extra quality time together and be with each other’s company.

And typically, even before the wedding, you have already made up your mind as to where exactly you will be in your honeymoon getaway. But, wouldn’t it be more thrilling if instead of following what has been planned initially, you would go preferably on somewhere unanticipated yet would still give you extraordinary moments together? Now that is more fun!

So, if you and your spouse are the “go-wherever-fun-takes-you” kind of persons, these four alternative vacation honeymoon destinations will surely be exciting to you:

  1. Amazon River

Have you ever thought of taking a cruise ship and wanders through the waters of the mighty Amazon river? If you haven’t thought of it, then you’ll surely miss out on this wildly fresh and exotic honeymoon destination.

A combination of adventure, relaxation, discovery, and romance is what awaits you when you are on board a luxurious cruise ship that takes you to a picturesque view of the Amazon rainforest. Taking a cruise ship navigating the breathtaking wonders of the Amazon river is undeniably the perfect honeymoon choice you could ever have.

You’ll have spacious suite accommodation, you’ll be served with deliciously fancy food, you’ll get a view of the beautiful Amazon river sunset, and you’ll get to meet beautiful travelers along the way. It’s just the total honeymoon package.

  1. Venice

The best season to explore the dreamy wonders of Venice is during spring and early summer. This famous city called the City of Love is the perfect haven for two destined souls who’d want to spend the first moments of their marital union.

The romantic and sweet aura of Venice gives the couple the extra boost to their romantic escapades like night strolling on the city streets kissing under its bright streetlamps or getting out of the city in the summer and taking a 53-minute ride from Venice to Union Lido. Making Venice as your honeymoon destination could surely make your moments together extra sweet and magical.

  1. Zanzibar

You may be questioning where this place is since the name Zanzibar is quite an unfamiliar one. Zanzibar is located in the Tanzanian archipelago and is one of the islands of the Indian Ocean.

This lovely island of Zanzibar is rich in cultural and historical heritage and is exceptional for its white-sand beaches and deep blue waters. As Zanzibar is not on the list of mainstream honeymoon destinations, that exactly makes the honeymoon experience an intimate and exclusive one. Honeymooners will be able to enjoy to their hearts content its beautiful white sand beaches and crystal-clear waters all by themselves.  So, if you want to get away from the suffocating volumes of tourists around, then Zanzibar is your best pick.

  1. Mauritius

An island located in the Indian Ocean; Mauritius is one of the dreamiest all-inclusive honeymooner destinations that will undoubtedly wow lovers for its beautiful natural wonders. This mesmerizing island is filled with stunning views like waterfalls, reefs and lagoons, beautiful shorelines, crystal blue waters, and rich mountains. The authentic beauty of this place will make you appreciate the beauty and serenity of life and relationship, as you are held closer to the majestic wonders of nature.

A honeymoon experience is what newlywed couples need after months of exhausting wedding preparations. It’s a great way also to decompress themselves from the overwhelming responsibilities they will soon be facing as official married couples.