Top 6 Best Destinations Across North, Central and South America

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The social media phenomenon has boosted the tourism industry, mainly due to peer pressure and being bombarded with photos of beautiful far-away places. The influence is so strong that according to a survey from Adweek, 52% of Facebook users think about traveling on vacation while browsing their feeds. It is not surprising that one must do prior research before going for a hassle-free and fun experience. In this article, we will present the top 6 best destinations across north, central, and South America:


Mexico, a Latin American country in North America known for its varied climate, palm-laden beaches, jungles, lively cities, fiestas, and diverse reflections of its cultural past. Depending on one’s preference, one could visit either historical ruins or natural landscapes. One of the places we recommend for a “peace” type of vacation in Puerto Vallarta, a Pacific-facing seaside city that offers a lot of activities for the excited traveler.

You could also visit the Malecón. It is a beautiful seaside boardwalk that runs parallel to Banderas Bay, is one of the best sites in the resort city. One can stroll and appreciate the art presented by the numerous art galleries around the city. Marvel also at the iconic churches such as the Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe. There’s only too much to explore in this city.


Canada is a North American country located above the United States of America. Being a vast country expects a diverse landscape and sights to see. For those who love city hopping, Canada offers a lot of multicultural cities, each having its own “soul.” Being a coast-to-coast country, Canada also has lots of maritime sites offering a seaside vibe. Deep inland, there are mountainous landscapes and various wonders of nature.

Costa Rica

 Costa Rica, a tropical country in Central America having coasts on the Pacific and Caribbean, offers untouched nature sites such as lush rainforests, pristine beaches, and exotic wildlife. Costa Rica’s allure lies in its laidback environment of breathtaking landscapes and flora and fauna perfect for nature-lovers or adventure-lovers.

From active volcanoes to pure rainforests, to the surf-friendly coastal waters, all of these are what an authentic Costa Rican holiday can offer. On the economic side, most Central American countries offer advantageous exchange rates for the US dollar and other major currencies. The aura of relaxation manifested by the philosophy of its residents, “Pura Vida” (pure life), can give one an authentic holiday experience free from the stresses of everyday work and life.


 Honduras, another country in the generally small region of Central America, offers a lot of tourist-attractive sites. Aside from the hospitality of the people, one can marvel at the cultural sites that provide a gist of the Mayan culture. For those looking for a colonial-era area, one can visit Copan, a town that preserves colonial-era cobblestone pavement roads along with the houses’ red tile roofs. Another tourist-heavy zone is Roatan, an island full of resorts, located near the Caribbean’s largest barrier reef, the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef. The island is a cruise ship port, and the area offers a lot of seaside activities such as scuba diving.


 Peru is located in South America, and it is culturally part of Latin America, popular for those looking to travel to Latin America or just if you’re looking for a Spanish speaking country. The country offers a section of the well-known Amazon rainforest, and sites showcasing the relics of Inca culture. One can visit Machu Picchu, a citadel built during the Incan period located in the Andes mountains. The region offers a lot of Inca sites such as the Sacred Valley and Inca Trail. The coastal city of Lima, the capital of Peru, shows a luxurious colonial touch.


 Another Latin American country, but this time on the Atlantic side, Argentina offers a lot of adventure owing to its significant geographical area way south of South America. The country’s climate is so diverse that one could find mountains, rainforests, deserts, glaciers, volcanoes, and maritime coasts without leaving the country. It is no surprise that its national parks generally include most of the sites mentioned earlier. For those who prefer a town vibe, Argentina offers fantastic cities that one can stroll through, such as the vibrant areas of San Telmo, Palermo, and the capital Buenos Aires. The whole American continent features amazing countries where one can travel to depending on their preferred activities and sights.