4 Best Summer Breaks for the Solo Traveler


Girl in water


When one thinks about a great summer getaway, it always suggests a day at the beach, sipping some cold drink, or cooling down at the beach or pool. However, there is more to just a day at the beach or water fun that should make your summer break a more memorable experience. If you are traveling solo this coming summer, here are four things you can do that should create a one-of-a-kind summer adventure.

Surfing in Portugal

Portugal is an excellent country for surfing. They are one of the countries in Europe considered as main destinations for surfing. If you are planning a European solo summer adventure and wanted to know how to ride the waves, then this country should be on your list.

With 832 KM of coastline, Portugal is a surfing destination on summer breaks. The most popular beach for surfing in this country is Matoshinos. Located in Porto, this beach is also the busiest in the country. This beach has it all for your surfing adventure, especially for first-time surfers. Plus, its closeness to the city makes it more convenient.

Safari in Botswana

Featuring one of the most diverse wildlife in the whole African continent, a safari trip to Botswana can be your next summer getaway, even when you’ll be traveling alone. You can get on a rented jeep and a tour guide to get you through the wilderness and see the diverse ecosystem this safari has.

A tour to the Okavango Delta is the best way to start. This 15,000 sq km features a diverse fauna, a haven for birds, and home to many hippos, elephants, crocodiles, and wild cats like leopards, and some rare antelopes that you can only see in this continent. The country is also promoting the safaris for tourism so you can head on to your nearest tour agency to book your Botswanan luxury safari adventure this summer.

Dance Festival in Belgium

If you’re in it for music and some dancing this summer, you should visit Belgium on your next summer break solo vacation. This country is one of the destinations for music and dance festivals in Europe. While they celebrate a lot of them, Tomorrowland is the best and certainly the biggest music and dance festival in the country and the whole continent.

While Belgium hosts a lot of these dance and music festivals, none compares to the attendance of so many people across the continent and the world than that of Tomorrowland. Coming this 17th and 24th of July, this is undoubtedly the festival you wouldn’t miss on your summer break for some struts and music brought by many artists across the globe.

Yoga in Greece

If you are looking forward to a more relaxing summer break, a trip to the Mediterranean resorts in Greece should be on your summer bucket list. Mykonos and Santorini offer great yoga sessions aside from indulging in the luxury Greek holiday tours over the islands, their beautiful resorts offer to guests from all over the world, stunning views. Their yoga studios are also the most stunning. You can meditate on scenic cliffs in these Mediterranean paradises, get into a yoga retreat among other yoga enthusiasts, and enjoy the breath-taking view of the sparkling turquoise sea that should help you get relaxed, focused, and rejuvenated this summer.