5 Stunning Destinations for the Perfect Family Holiday

child on shoulders

Traveling with the whole family is a standard form of bonding. This enables you to see spectacular sights, immerse to different cultures, and taste various delicacies, along with that peace of mind knowing you are sharing all your experiences with your most important people. If you want a perfect holiday trip for you and your family, these 5 destinations are highly recommendable

Orlando, Florida

Orlando has so many theme and amusement parks your kids, and even the inner child in you, can enjoy: Disneyworld, Universal Studios, ICON, Seaworld, the Harry Potter Series, and Legoland to name a few.  One trip will not be enough to experience many of these manmade wonders. The best way is to take one theme park a day and prepare extra cash for the extremely many souvenirs available.

Corfu, Greece

Corfu is an island somewhere northwest of Greece. It is been dubbed as the “emerald” island for its green surroundings filled with lots of olive trees and amazing bays. The place also has many structures of old age and streets that seemed like a peaceful setting of a typical European movie. Staying in a Corfu luxury holiday villa is ideal to appreciate the full view the island has to offer accompanied by bountiful food tables.

Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne is a place where there is a prevalent mixture of art and industry. This part of Australia is known for its sporting events like the international tennis open, F1 car racing, cricket, rugby and other else. The city has diversely designed structures giving that vibrant ambiance as you and your family stroll along the street or even drive around in a vehicle. From botanical gardens to a famous long trail where you can bike together, to the information-rich museums, Melbourne is a destination where each family member can enjoy while exploring that thirst for more knowledge.

Split, Croatia

Split is well-known for its coves and beaches along the shoreline of picturesque old-school structures. The city is located on the southern tip of the peninsula of Croatia. Surely a bike adventure will be fun but not as enjoyable as being on a luxury boat cruise around Split.  Your family can relax under the sunlight made tolerable by the Mediterranean climate while engaging lengthily the shore excursions along the Adriatic Sea.

Tenerife, Spain

Tenerife, though belonging to Spain, is located several hundred miles away from the mainland and is even nearer to the African continent. The largest and most populated of the Canary Islands, the place boasts so many coastal resorts and leisure facilities you can visit. The central part of the island is where spectacular rock formations, plenty of agricultural areas, the species-rich mountain ranges named Macizo de Anaga and the dormant Mt. Teide can be found. One of the most popular carnivals in the world, Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, can be enjoyed if you venture for a pre-Lenten trip around February or March.

A perfect get-away with the family is a stress reliever. The more people involved; the more planning is needed. The recommended places can be so satisfying that you might be inclined to be over-budget. Have that regular family meeting to make the most out of your holiday trip.