4 Amazing Destinations To Help Heal The Body And Soul


Schedule positive travels to destinations where you can relax and stay away momentarily from the busy and stressful work environment. As much as you want to lay back with so much comfort, to look at so much beauty, or to party like a wild animal, you will find that rejuvenation is what you really need. Healing the body and soul can make you feel a better person, and here are some ideal places and activities you might want to try out.

  • Patagonia

It is a region between Argentina and Chile. It has no shortage of natural landmasses to trek and waterways to view. One activity that can provide you internal and external healing on your positive travels, is to check-into a Patagonia EcoCamp, an excellent dome hotel located in Torres del Paine National Park.

The place is full of recreations, while you and your family can truly engage with Patagonia’s scenery. There are domes that provide comfortable relaxation and separate domes for interaction with other individuals through meals. During your stay, you will be starting your morning right with yoga classes from expert instructors.

  • Reykjavik

Located in Iceland, this place is known for its thermal spas. Contrary to its name, Iceland is not entirely a place filled with glaciers and winter season. It is known for its evergreen environment and its semi-active volcanoes that provide plenty of thermal spas.

The place alone can truly elevate one’s wellness. Aside from producing one of the freshest airs on the Western side of the world, the geothermal beaches, especially in Nauthólsvík, are a must-try. The natural therapeutic benefits of being submerged in warm water cannot be easily found, even if you are residing in a megacity.

  • Ibiza

Ibiza has a reputation to be the usual non-stop party place. Celebrities and high-profile socialites usually flock there to have a good time. Aside from such excessive leisure activities, the place offers the perfect spot for yoga and relaxation.

There is plenty of variety on offer to choose the best yoga wellness retreat in Ibiza. The location is so convenient wherein the presence of the sea provides the utmost calmness any yoga practitioner is longing for during meditation. Instead of losing yourself on the wild parties, it will be beneficial to find yourself in this retreat location.

  • Bali

Indonesia, being an archipelago, naturally offers numerous beaches. One of Indonesia’s most popular places is Bali. Having naturally gifted with an amazing view of the sea, Bali is a great place for improving wellness.

Bali has abundant wellness retreats you can avail of. In there, you can enjoy therapeutic massages surrounded by lush trees and do meditation in tranquility with the sounds of the waves. The tropical weather also contributes to making you think and feel connected with nature.

With all the stress you have been dealing with, relaxing must be part of your system. Not only it promotes a break from overthinking, but it is also an opportunity to absorb great benefits from the natural environment and a reconnection to one’s soul. Whether you’re traveling solo or as a family, the aforementioned places can provide you what your body and soul truly demand with affordable options.