Top 4 Best European Foodie Destinations

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Incredible food and wine can be found all over the world. However, there is no doubt that Europe is the best destination for amazing cuisines. The terrific tacos, sensational seafood and local wines ensure that you do not miss out on anything while on your foodie adventure on the continent.

To inspire your trip to Europe, here are the top 4 destinations for foodies:


Not only is France related to spectacular art and romance, but it also has an international reputation for its food, which plays an integral role in the country’s intangible culture. Every corner of the state features bakeries, patisseries, open-air markets as well as first-class wine shops.

The country ranks among the leading wine producers. A wine tour around France it gives you a chance to sample the most sought-after wine collection from champagnes, burgundy, and Bordeaux.  As a visitor, you can spend several months visiting some of the over 300 wine areas, including:

The city of Bordeaux, which is the most famous for producing one of the sweetest wines in the world – Sauternes

Champagne, a smaller region on the East of Paris familiar for champagne tasting visitors

Burgundy, which provides both white and red wine, as well as Provence and Rhone

Alsace, famous for white wines

Besides exclusive wine, you will also find many manners of foods in the country from pastries, flatbreads, and seafood.


Portugal has served as a gateway for several European ports for many years because of its strategic location close to the Mediterranean Sea. Portuguese cuisine has evolved to accommodate recipes and flavors around the world. During the colonial age, sailors returned to the country with new grains, herbs, spices, and plants that later became part of the region’s food culture. Visiting this region gives you the chance to enjoy hearty dishes such as:

Seafood and Cod, which are Portugal’s popular ingredients. Salted Cod or bacalhau was used in history to sustain sailors on their voyages. Residents claim that there is a different recipe of Cod for each day of the year

Portuguese olive oil has won several awards for its quality and flavor. Although large producers like Italy and Spain overshadow it, a good number of people rank the oil among the best in the world

Cheese, although it is not as famous as other regions in the continent

Wine – Your visit to Portugal should not end without sipping the famous Port wine.


The country of Spain features tapas culture with sumptuous Mediterranean cuisine. Touring this region will leave you spoilt for choice as you sample food directly from its source. The cuisine varies from region to region, with the Majorca Island offering some of the best Majorca wine tasting excursions and dining opportunities. Also known as Mallorca, the island amazes most of the world travelers with its high-end wine, inventive cuisine consisting of seafood, fish, Iberian pork, and paella.

Dining options are vast across the island cities from Palma on the southwest and Pollenca in the northeast. The trip to the island is not complete without visiting the food markets, which feature fresh cheeses, olives, and organic vegetables.


Italy is home to several works of architecture and art. Food tours in this region also allow you to walk through several world heritage sites, including the Vatican gardens, Pompeii ruins, and many more. Italy also ranks among the top wine consumers worldwide. All regions in the country produce wines of various qualities and flavors. Some of the popular areas are Tuscany, Calabria, and Friuli Venezia Giulia. Italian cuisine also varies from region to region, with the flavors and qualities that speak for themselves. From soups, loaves of bread, cheese, risotto, and gnocchi, Italy has gained so much recognition for its cuisine that influences the entire world.

The options for food destinations in Europe are endless. However, regardless of which destination you choose for a food adventure, you will surely gain new unforgettable experiences.