Five Perfect Places To Visit In Japan

The country of Japan is located in the heart of Asia and it draws in many visitors from both near and far to come see it’s natural beauty, modern architecture, and colorful culture. If you are planning on taking a trip to Japan, there are a few places that you should keep in mind to include on your visit.


The capital city of Japan is far from boring, and even if you are only coming through for a day or two it is well worth the time to stop in for a stroll. The most exotic thing about the city is the fact that it is full of action and is home to a very eclectic group of people, which makes it fantastic grounds for meeting locals with varying senses of style and personality.



Just a short two hour train ride away from Tokyo is Nikko, which is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is home to many authentic ancient temples and detailed decorated shrines. The beautiful man made buildings in Nikko are strategically placed in a complex that takes about three hours to complete, and is surrounded by a forest of magnificent cedar trees that are almost as stunning, if not more, than the highly decorated temples made by the generations of people hundreds of years ago.


The town of Kyoto is thought to be one of the most peaceful cities in the world, and definitely the most calming and soothing atmosphere found in Japan. Kyoto is where you will find more authentic Japanese temples than any other city in the country, and it could take a visitor several days and months to see all of it. Just on the outskirts of the town is the Arashiyama Bamboo Forest, which is completely stunning on its own to walk through and explore. Some of the charm of this town is the fact that the most intriguing temples are the ones that are tucked away in hidden areas, and not out in the open as a main tourist attraction.


What was once the capital of Japan is now a more slower paced city that is home to several heritage sites that are made up of temples and shrines, which are all located close together so that makes it easy to visit them all. Nara is a very calm and peaceful town that is inhabited by many wild sika deer that you and your family are allowed to interact with, pet, and feed during your visit. This is one of the top spots to visit if you have children, as all of the local animals are a hit with youngsters and animal lovers in general, and it is full of great places to stay.


The town of Takayama still looks like it is amidst the Edo time period based on all of the detailed and gorgeous old architecture placed throughout the area. The majority of the buildings are old wooden houses that make visitors feel like they have been transported back in time, and it is a overall fun little area to get some shopping in while taking in the amazing ancient period housing that is still standing today.