Guide to Interesting European Accommodation

Canal Boat

So your bags are packed and you’re ready to embark on your dream European holiday. Then you’ve gone through your European accommodation checklist. Does it have the amenities you require? Is it safe? How far is it from the places you intend to visit?

Indeed, choosing the right accommodation is a bit tricky, especially given the hundreds of options available for you. So to help you make the best decision, here is our guide to interesting European accommodations.

Castle in Scotland

Nothing better exemplifies Scotland’s deep medieval heritage than the centuries-old castles dotting throughout its landscape. Many of these castles were updated into 5-star hotels that cater to diverse patrons: history enthusiasts, curious travellers, and those who simply wanted to experience royalty.

Pick your choice from the alluring Balfour Castle in Shapinsay Island to Fonab Castle Hotel and Spa on the banks of Loch Faskally. You can also choose to stay at the 16th-century Carnegie Club at Skibo Castle in the Highlands. The Crossbasket Castle is also worth checking out, located just a few minutes away from the centre of Glasgow.

Narrowboat in England

Widely popular as cargo vessels during the Industrial Revolution, narrowboats have evolved from carriers into floating hotels cruising miles of inland waterways in England. What is more interesting than staying in a narrowboat as you enjoy the picturesque vistas of the English countryside?

If you’re fascinated with both wildlife and history, take the three-day cruise from Ely to The Fens to Cambridge. The Cambridgeshire narrowboat holiday route features memorable sights such as the churches and cathedrals of Ely, the nature reserves in The Fens, and the awe-inspiring architecture of the Kings College Chapel in Cambridge University.

Igloo in Finland

There is something mysterious about the Arctic that draws people, and we are not talking about snow. Whether it’s the dazzle of the Northern Lights, the sheer magical air of winter, or the promise of adventure that draws you to the Arctic, you should never miss the opportunity to stay in one of the most unique and creative accommodations of the region – the igloo.

Finland is home to some of the most famous igloo hotels in the world, including the Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort. It’s a unique way of witnessing the dancing lights from the comfort of your bed. If you are a fan of the fantasy series Game of Thrones, a visit to the Lapland Snow Village in Kittila is a must. The hotel features nearly 30 snow rooms and suites that portray figures related to the series.

Villa in Croatia

If you are traveling with your family to Croatia, renting a villa is not only an appealing option but also a practical one. The vacation villas in the beautiful Dubrovnik region of Croatia range from stunningly beautiful stone farmhouses to aristocratic residences set in lush gardens with swimming pools.

Some of these villas feature modern amenities, which include tennis courts and mini-golf courses. Others promise a subdued and dreamy atmosphere. There are villas perch on top of a cliff and those that are located at the beachfront. Regardless of your choice, these villas are sure to offer the most magnificent views!

Eco-Lodge in Portugal

Portugal has come a long way in promoting environmentally responsible tourism. With this, numerous eco-lodges have sprouted all over the country. These lodges promote eco-friendly accommodations without compromising the comfort of their guests.

Some of the eco-lodges use solar panels for energy efficiency. Others promote sustainable farming, follow stringent recycling measures, and reuse water whenever possible. These lodges also endorse green activities, such as nature treks, biking around beautiful landscapes, and delightful picnics that feature home-grown, organic produce.