Top 5 Things to Do in the Lake District with Your Family



Located in Cumbria, the Lake District is a well-known destination for every local and international tourist who visits the United Kingdom. Also known as Lakeland or the Lakes, this region in the Northwest of England is a unique spot for anyone who wants to share time with nature.

A recognized UNESCO World Heritage Site, Lake District is much-admired for its exceptional natural scenic view. This largest national park of England contains 16 glacial lakes, including its largest and deepest lakes and 180 fells, including the country’s highest mountain. Besides being a legendary literary inspiration, a list of activities that can be enjoyed in the site not only by solo tourists but also by families is also provided below.


Being a mountainous region, the Lake District is a bucket list for many hiking activities. A notorious mountain for hikers is Scafell Pike, the highest in England. Hiking in premier towns of Grasmere, Windermere, and Ambleside is also a popular objective you can have during a visit. Hiking can be a good family bonding on vacation in the Lake District. This activity establishes teamwork in the family.

Dog-Friendly Pubs

A dog is a pet very close to many families’ hearts; that leaving them to go on a vacation is never an option. Lake District offers most sought dog-friendly pubs that cater to your pet’s needs while enjoying good food, beer, and sceneries.

This is one of the best places to take your dog because it can go pretty much wherever you go. A few of these famous pubs are The Golden Rule, The Wateredge Inn, The Royal Oak Keswick, and Old Dungeon Ghyll.

Quaint Cottages

Feeling the vibe of the Lake District holiday with your family and staying in characterful cosy independent cottages can be a good choice. The region is renowned for having cottages that give you a historical feel with its intricate old-fashioned structures without breaking the bank.

You can enjoy the best overlooking views in a quaint cottage. Prominent cottages include Tryfan Cottage, Field Barn, and Barn End.

Theatre by the Lake

On a trip to the Lake District, going to the Theatre in Keswick should not be missed. Theatre by the Lake situated in between Hope Park and Derwentwater Lake offers one of the best theatrical experiences in Britain.

The theatre gained excellent reviews from most of its audience. It won several awards, including UK Theatre Award for the North West’s Most Welcoming Theatre for four consecutive years since 2014. Enjoying various classic and modern plays with your family can make your vacation so meaningful, understanding, and appreciating arts.

Visit the Pencil Museum

The Pencil Museum in Keswick is an excellent place to visit with your family during your stay in the Lake District. Your children can enjoy a good history of how their favourite pencil was made. The museum gives an extraordinary entrance to visitors through a replica graphite mine. It also gives your family access to an area to experiment with pencils, a museum shop, and a coffee shop with a variety of food and free Wi-Fi.