The USA is a country of vast extremes, tropical beaches in the Florida keys, snow capped peaks in the Rocky mountains and hot desserts in Nevada. It really is a country where you can have any kind of trip!

Iconic cities such as New York, Chicago and Boston are a haven for the city dweller with plenty of landmarks, museums, sports games and shopping opportunities. All of the USA’s cities also have thriving bar and restaurant scenes where your taste buds can be tantalised at any time of day or night!

Away from the cities, beautiful spots such as Lake Michigan, Maine and Lake Tahoe offer a holiday in stunning surroundings where outdoor activities are plentiful. If you are a family travelling with children then it would be a shame to visit the USA and not experience one of it’s theme parks, whether it be Disney World or Universal Studios in Florida or Six Flags in California.

The adventurous traveller can take to the road in the USA on one of the many fantastic road trips, the most well known being Route 66, from Chicago to Los Angeles which passes through an incredible cross section of America including the magnificent Grand Canyon and the all American town of St Louis.

The USA is an incredible country that would take a lifetime to uncover, so why not get started and book a holiday there now!