New York

You have probably come across T-shirts, caps or even wrist bands with a bold red heart image and a captivating phrase of ‘I Love New York’ in your local home. Well this is just to signify the magnitude of popularity of this grand city on the planet.  What is not to love about New York? It has a long engaging history; bought for a box of trinkets and rose to unimaginable heights to become the world’s crossroads, along the way came the civil war, riots and recession, terrorism and triumph; the Big Apple is a city to reckon with; where everything is possible.

The Big Apple is a heady mix of cultures, it is a place that is well represented from all the four corners of the world; the former mayor described it as a ‘gorgeous mosaic’. Where else in the world could you find Italians, the Irish, the Jews and all other immigrants concentrated together in one city?

The major highlights of a holiday in New York are the Empire State Building, the Tower of Liberty, Central Park, Times Square and Rockefeller center. No matter what you are after, you will find it here; great theater, history, luxurious hotels and nightlife. Probably what you might miss is some peace and quiet, but if you get to stay in a high-rise holiday rental in New York above the teeming streets you will be fine. Villa holidays in New York to give you tranquility after a long day discovering the bustling streets of New York. For luxury villa holidays in New York, the outskirts of the city give you the best of both worlds.

New York City